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About US:

Afpak Consultants is based in Pakistan, Afghanistan, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Dubai and China.

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Afpak Consultants was established by Mr Khalid Khan and Jalil Afridi. They are both not only great friends but they have also studied from some of the leading universities of America. They both have years of working experience in Pakistan, Afghanistan and America. Initially the goal of Afpak Consultants was to provide services in Pakistan, Afghanistan and America only but it was the demand of the customers and clients which forced Afpak Consultants to provide services in Dubai, China, UK and Canada. One of the moto of Afpak Consultants is to make money after clients are satisfied and therefore Afpak does not burden its clients with upfront charges but instead clients pay only when they are satisfied and happy.

Starting its first offices from cities of Peshawar and Kabul to creating its headquarters in Washington DC, Afpak Consultants believe that developing of nations depends on the success of its people. We strive in playing our role in being part of that success.

International Trade

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Afpak Consultants is currently involved with hundreds of international traders who are sending their goods from one country to another. Afpak Consultants makes sure that both the sellers and the buyers receive what they agree upon and financial tractions are crystal clear. All steps in trading internationally are made so easy by Afpak Consultants, starting from loading of the goods to the delivery at the destination port.

Study Abroad

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Studying abroad for those who could afford was never made so easy. Afpak Consultants through its highly skilled team can guide your child to choose the exact university where his future could excel. Afpak Consultants gives the most importance to its Study Abroad department whereas it makes the least profit for the company. But it is done because it is about the future of a child and it is about their parents who have dreams. We would like to be a step in helping them achieve that dream.


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Afpak Consultants works with both private and government sector with regard to translation or teaching the language. All we need to know is which language you are interested in, how much time you have to  learn or whether you need a translator for just a meeting.

Media Buying

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While companies grow they desire to tap new markets and therefore advertising their brand and products becomes a big challenge. Afpak Consultants makes this challenge very easy by advertising products of its clients in every part of the world. We believe that we should be making profits only after our clients are happy and satisified.

Media buying services are available in Print, Digital, Outdoor, Television, Radio and Cable.

Lobbying and PR

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Having its headquarters in Washington DC, several countries and companies are utilizing services of Afpak Consultants to do lobbying and Public Relationing for their respective governments and brands. We help them connect with the right people, at the right time and in the right location.

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(415) 370-4551

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